Business representation

Admico offers this service especially for entrepreneurs, starters, and other business activities exploring new overseas markets; and even for those looking after a joint venture or other working agreement

You will have your own local representation and facilities without high start-up investments for office space, equipment, staffing and communication.

This way it gives you the opportunity to be physically present in an international business environment next to major markets such as Central and Latin America.

In addition to our other services, Admico offers you:

  • P.O. Box, and other mail services
  • Telephone, cellular phone, fax and e-mail services
  • Meet and Assist services
  • Travel arrangements
  • Media plan services
    (like advertisements, records in business directories and telephone book)
  • Directorship
    (acting as the local statutory managing director)
  • Accounting and tax filings
  • Coordination of other specialized services
    (like tax lawyers, public notaries, actuarial services, etc.)